When kids are guests at a wedding

By Melissa Martz on August 04, 2012
Recently, I attended a large wedding; there were 10 children in the wedding party and a total of 60 kids at the service and reception.

It's often said that children can 'steal the show'. That's a plus if they are well-behaved, but a nightmare if they steal the show with rude behaviour or tantrums. SO...if you are inviting children to your wedding, plan ahead.

The wedding procession

  • Have children in the wedding party walk down the aisle in pairs. S hy children, especially, will walk down the aisle more comfortably if they are accompanied.
  • Remove a child from the processional who is hesitating or being difficult. Don't coax – just remove them quietly and quickly.
  • Avoid having children standing at the altar. They can be 'rescued' by grandparents or an aunt as they approach the altar so they can sit in a pew during the service.
  • Let children join in the post-service celebration by blowing bubbles. (Most sites won't allow confetti.)

The wedding reception

  • Provide a kid-friendly drink during the cocktail hour.
  • Give kids a disposable camera to keep them occupied.
  • Have a table set up in a corner of the room with colouring books, washable markers, crayons and stencils.
  • Serve children dinner in a separate room.
  • Hire a babysitter or nanny to supervise.
  • Provide a kid-friendly menu that isn't messy. Think chicken fingers and fresh veggies.
  • Encourage the children to make a craft or card to present to the bridal couple.
  • Hire an entertainer, perhaps a clown or someone who can make balloon animals.
  • Bring in a TV and DVD player to show movies.
  • Provide a quiet area so small children can sleep until Mom and Dad come by to take them home.

By Melissa Martz| August 04, 2012
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