What your wedding guests want to know

By Today's Bride on January 01, 2017

You have friends and family that you feel must be by your side at your destination wedding. However,
some of those same friends may be questioning the cost.

Be aware that your location may not be a place some of your friends would choose for their own holiday.
You may be going to a southern resort and their preference for a holiday may be a 10-day trip to England!

Nevertheless, their love for you will push them toward wanting to be with you. So that’s a beginning!

  1. Be aware of their concerns; Pass along as much helpful information as possible to make their decision easier.
  2. Connect with the planner at the destination so you can get quick and accurate answers about costs and possibilities.
  3. Use video conferencing so there is clarity and no misunderstandings as you collect information.
  4. Check out a variety of airfare options. There may be flights that are less convenient but they also may be less expensive. Some of your guests will opt for convenience and some will opt for savings.
  5. If you are giving the resort or hotel multiple bookings, see what discount you
    can negotiate on behalf of your guests.
  6. Give your guests room options and prices from luxury suites to basic rooms. This will be helpful for all of your guests.
  7. Some may elect to not stay at the all-inclusive resort, but to stay at a nearby, less-expensive inn where they have the option of cooking some of their own meals. They could then join you for the festivities at your resort.
  8. Be clear about the events that you are hosting so there is no cost to them. That will, of course, include the wedding and wedding reception. However, you may be planning a welcome luncheon the day before
    your wedding or a breakfast the day after the wedding. You may be hosting a boat excursion or some other activity. Pass this information along.

Be understanding if a guest must take a pass on attending your wedding.

Promise to send them pictures and, when you come home, have lunch with them and share all of your stories.

Originally published in Destination Wedding magazine, Fall/Winter 2016.

By Today's Bride| January 01, 2017

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