Wedding travel tips to avoid jet lag

By Angela Rotundo on January 30, 2017

Depending on your location of choice, your travel time could mean the difference between smooth sailing and a panic-stricken plane ride for even the most experienced travellers. Don’t worry – here are some tips to get you through that long flight.


Be comfortable: A 10-hour flight is not the time to wear your tight skinny jeans and new stilettos. Comfy clothes are the way to go. Dress in light layers in preparation for too-cold or too-warm cabin temperatures.

Pick your seat: There are few people who enjoy the middle seat on an airplane, so be sure to book your preferred window or aisle seat well in advance.

Charge it: If watching movies on your laptop or iPad is going to get you through a long flight, then have all of your tech devices charged at full capacity before you board. Make note of devices that may be forbidden (like cell phones that may or may not catch on fire!).

Try one more time: Wait until just before boarding to use the bathroom. There’s nothing worse than desperately having to go mid-flight and waiting in line to use the facilities on board.

Fuel up: Stock up on water and healthy snacks before you board – it may be a while before your in-flight meal is served. 

Tune out: Listening to crying children or loud-mouth travellers who have had too much to drink does not make for a good  flight. Noise-cancelling headphones do the trick. Consider bringing an eye mask to drown out the light and help you sleep.

Be positive: As with any travel, it’s a good idea to keep an open mind and be pleasant towards everyone on board. That means don’t automatically judge the stranger sitting next to you. Who knows – there’s a lot you might have in common and arguing with a perfect stranger over overhead compartment space will only make for an awkward and uncomfortable flight. Don’t sweat the small stuff ; your wedding awaits!

Here are some tips on how to deal with jet lag:

Opt For An Overnight Flight: You’re more likely to eat dinner at a more comfortable time and sleep when you’re meant to sleep with an overnight flight. You’ll wake up in your new time zone refreshed and rested.

Take Sleeping Pills Wisely: Do not use your long flight as an excuse to try sleeping pills for the first time – there’s no way to predict how you will react to them. Consult your doctor before taking any medication.

Limit Alcohol Intake: While a cocktail may relax you, it will also cause dehydration and who wants to land after an eight-hour flight with a splitting headache?

Stay Hydrated: Get plenty of water to avoid feeling groggy when you land. Experts say drink at least eight ounces of water for every hour you’re in the air. And don’t forget to keep your lips, hands and face moisturized too.

Freshen Up: According to the Emirates Cabin Crew, fresh air and plenty of sunlight will help your body recharge and get accustomed to your new destination. “Exposure to sunlight helps regulate your circadian rhythm,
so avoid dark, dim places when you can.”

Synchronize Your Watches: When you board, set your watch to your destination time.


Originally published in Destination Wedding Magazine, Spring/Summer 2017.

By Angela Rotundo| January 30, 2017

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