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By Susan Pennell-Sebekos on August 13, 2018


If you are hoping for a truly “dope” wedding, edible cannabis goodies would, without a doubt, be the treat your guests remember (say, perhaps, for a wedding on April 20th?). “Edibles”, which might conjure memories of a dry brownie shared in a dorm room and not something you’d expect to consider as a wedding favour, have been coming into their own of late. With the complete legalization of cannabis in progress, it was “high time” we wondered about the delectable, marijuana-infused treats that could possibly be offered to wedding and party guests. Serving is definitely a tricky situation, but the times they are a-changing, and it won’t be very long before you have to ask your host, “Is this the ‘with or without’ torte?”

At this point, there are more questions than answers:

  • If edibles are served, how do we keep everyone safe?
  • Will edibles require instructions? Warning labels? Perhaps a short PowerPoint prior to distribution?
  • Can we deal with our parents enjoying a lot more than we thought they would?
  • Will a venue licence for edibles be required?
  • Will then bowls of tortilla chips need to be offered to accompany that amazing fudge Uncle George just can’t put down?
  • Can you go to the bar and order a beer and a special brownie?

Will People Be Offended?

Think your parents and grandparents will flip out at the favours?  Think again. “It’s important not to make assumptions about who may or may not like edibles,” says Shari Margolese, of Cannabiscotti Inc., a bakery that makes sumptuous, mouth-delighting (and award-winning) baked goods. “Eighty percent of our requests come from people over 50.” Their non-medicated biscotti can be given as personalized wedding favours, but an edible version would be provided in childproof packaging with warning labels. “They will be dosed, packaged and labelled according to Health Canada regulations, which have yet to be released.” As legalization moves forward, Cannabiscotti and other edible bakers look forward to bringing products to a large market of consumers.

Do You Feel Anything?

It will be the wedding host’s responsibility to not only keep the under-18 crowd away from the goodies, but also explain how edibles may make someone feel.

An edible high lasts longer than an inhaled high, so even those guests who have smoked before might not realize that sobering up might not happen as quickly. And, to make things trickier, sometimes it takes a while to kick in. You won’t want to find your best man chomping on the cookies because he “can’t feel anything happening”. Eating infused food can take anywhere from half an hour to two hours to kick in depending on the dose and the person. Too much ingested, or mixing with alcohol, can turn a mellow high into a nightmare with panic attacks, sweats, fear and confusion. For some with a slower metabolism, the effect could last a full 24 hours.

Reality or Hallucination?

The Canadian government intends to add cannabis edible products and concentrates (beer and wine, as well is expected), to the list of products permitted for sale once the legislation and appropriate regulations are developed. The timeline suggested that these products will be available by summer 2019. But, of course, things may change. The bakers and treat makers are ready. If the Green Market, recently held at Toronto’s Kensington Market, is any indication, the choice and the demand is great. Everything from gummy bear candies to wedding cake can be infused with cannabis and presented in guest-worthy, elegant packaging.

Originally published in Today's Bride magazine, Fall/Winter 2018.

By Susan Pennell-Sebekos| August 13, 2018

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