Making the most of bridal traditions

By Destination Wedding Magazine on February 13, 2017

Hang on to some of the old traditions. They add to the fun and romance of getting married – especially if you are planning a destination wedding. Getting married abroad is a new experience, so connecting with the past brings an important sentimental element to the experience.

The old rhyme about “something old...” is a standard at most weddings today, but it dates back to an Old English rhyme, and it is sometimes forgotten that the entire verse ends with “and a sixpence in your shoe”. In all, each line represents some version of good luck.

Something old

Something old is about your past. Consider wearing something that belongs to your grandmother or mother, because this is a sentimental line that urges you to stay connected with your past. It may be a piece of jewellery, such as earrings or a charm bracelet, or a clutch. Perhaps your mother has kept her veil from her own wedding.

Something new

Something new introduces you to your future and offers good luck. It is less about sentiment and more about being optimistic as you commit to your new life. Finding something new is easy, because almost everything will be new, starting with your gown.

Something borrowed

Something borrowed indicates that you will embrace happiness where you find it. You will be surrounded by others who are happy and will repeat, or borrow, that happiness. What does your best friend have that you can borrow? Or borrow something from your mother-in-law. This is a lovely way to acknowledge her. You might consider borrowing something that can be added to your bouquet, such as a brooch.

Something blue

Blue has always been the colour of purity and fidelity. There is no shortage of ideas that you can use as your something blue. Some brides like to showcase the colour and add a blue ribbon to their headdress or tie a blue ribbon around their bouquet. Others hide the blue and wear a blue garter (which may be revealed before the reception is over). How about wearing blue shoes? What a pretty addition to your overall ensemble.

Originally published in Destination Wedding magazine, Fall/Winter 2016.

By Destination Wedding Magazine| February 13, 2017

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