How to host a hen party

By Today's Bride on May 22, 2017

Have you ever heard of a hen party? Here's why it'll make for a memorable bachelorette.

The Costs

Everyone pays for themselves, even the bride. However, the friends may want to splurge on a bottle of champagne to toast their soon-to-be-married friend.

A Theme

The get-together can be built around an activity. Bowling, a casino night, evening at a spa, overnight at a local hotel, weekend at a country inn. The point is that everyone shares the same experience as they review their long friendships amid lots of teasing and laughter.


  • Have everyone write a memory they have of the bride. The bride reads them aloud, one at a time, and guesses who wrote each. Every time she gets it wrong she has to toss back a shot.
  • Phone the groom and have him answer a series of questions about himself. Ask the bride to answer the same questions. A penalty every time her answer doesn’t match his. Samples: What’s the groom’s favourite food? What career would he like to have? Does he want to be a dad and, if so, when? How long has he known his oldest friend? On which sport would he like to improve? What’s his favourite book?
  • The bride completes a few sentences that begin with “I have never...” and also writes on each whether it is true or false. Example: “I have never had sex in the back seat of a car.” “I have never gone to a social event without wearing a bra.” “I have never worn the same panties two days in a row without being laundered.” Each person has to guess if she’s telling the truth. Those who are wrong pay a penalty.

Feel-good Memories

The purpose of a bachelorette is to share past memories, have fun together and tuck away what will become another cherished memory. (And don’t forget to take lots of pictures.)

Originally published in Today's Bride Magazine, Spring/Summer 2017.

By Today's Bride| May 22, 2017
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