How to avoid wedding day hitches

By Destination Wedding Magazine on April 17, 2017


Something is bound to go wrong, whether you have an at-home wedding or a destination wedding. There are so many details in wedding planning that one or two items will escape scrutiny.

Here are two thoughts that are guaranteed to maintain your sanity:

  • be aware of what often goes wrong and double-check those items
  • don’t display disappointment when something does go awry.

Avoid disappointments

If you are planning a destination wedding, pay special attention to whether the hotel or resort is providing:

  • an indoor option for the service and reception in case of rain
  • suitable accommodation at various prices for all of your guests
  • additional menu options for the reception and the cost
  • all extra costs submitted upfront.

Even if you are choosing an all-inclusive resort, extra costs can attach to a wedding. This makes sense because all-inclusive can’t be expected to cover any services that require hiring extra staff or special food, such as a wedding cake.

You likely can choose a special wedding plan provided by the resort that may include some extras at no charge. Large resorts o en have several options, at different prices, so you can match your needs to the package that fits your taste and your budget.

You should review the plan with the resort’s wedding planner so there are no misunderstandings and no surprises when the bill arrives.

Inquire about any regulations that may not match your expectations. Perhaps you plan on an all-night party with music ramped up, wine and liquor flowing and lots of dancing and fun. The hotel or resort, however, has to balance what you expect with how it affects their other guests. Be prepared to accept a fairly early closing-up time.

Accept mishaps gracefully

So the flowers weren’t what you ordered. Or one of the appetizers didn’t get served. Or the sudden deluge of rain meant cancelling the romantic beach wedding as everything was moved indoors.  The secret in handling these disappointments is to realize that they don’t matter!

Bridal couples who make an issue of complaining if something is disappointing not only dilute their own happy experience but embarrass their guests.

Enjoy the moment. Savour the true meaning of the day. Keep a smile on your face and treasure the memories.

Originally published in Destination Wedding magazine, Fall/Winter 2016.

By Destination Wedding Magazine| April 17, 2017

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