Destination wedding myth busters

By Sunwing Weddings on January 11, 2018

It may be many couples’ dream to get married on a white sand beach by a beautiful ocean, surrounded by all of their family and friends, but how easy is it really to make that dream into reality? Hint: it’s much simpler than you think. Read on as we explode five of this most common destination wedding myths…

Myth #1: Destination weddings are more expensive than local weddings

Reality: It can actually be more cost effective to have your big day in destination than having it at home! 

The average cost of a traditional wedding typically starts at around $32,000. Whereas destination weddings can be significantly more affordable since everything from the food to the accommodations is included.

Do your homework and you’ll discover that many costly items on your budget – from champagne toasts to floral décor – are often included at resorts; depending on the package you select. It’s not uncommon for wedding packages to include a ceremony officiant, wedding coordinator, champagne toast, room upgrades, spa discounts and more – meaning you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

Myth #2: Couples that get married abroad don’t have their friends and family with them

Reality: Flying relatives down south can be cheaper than heading coast to coast

For couples looking to reunite family members from coast to coast for their big day, a destination wedding often comes out more cost effective. Popular vacation hotspots such as Cancun, Mexico and Punta Cana benefit from flight connections to all major Canadian cities so it can be just as easy to fly relatives down south as it is to fly them from Vancouver to Halifax.

Destination weddings are actually a great opportunity for friends and family to spend some quality time together in a beautiful location and your guests will love getting to enjoy both a vacation and your wedding in one. They get a relaxing vacation in addition to getting to celebrate your love! With many budget-friendly resort packages available, you can also rest assured that not only will your guests enjoy your big day; they will also enjoy an amazing getaway that doesn’t break the bank.

Myth #3: Destination weddings are all cookie-cutter and not personal

Reality: Everything can be customized from the décor to the menu

A very common destination wedding myth is that all destination weddings are the same and that you only have a few options to choose from based on “one-stop shop” wedding packages. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! Destination weddings are customizable to your personal style and tastes, so your personality shines through from the location to the décor to the food.

When you book, your destination wedding planner will be able to help communicate your wedding vision with the on-site wedding coordinators and any other destination vendors. We also highly recommend bringing some of your own décor from home to ensure that your wedding vision is exactly as you dreamed it. For ideas on DIY décor, download the new issue of Wedding Vacations magazine and see our DIY Destination Décor article on page 26.

Myth #4: Having a destination wedding means you won’t have a honeymoon

Reality: Destination wedding couples enjoy a pre-moon and a honeymoon

Many couples worry that if you have a destination wedding, some of the excitement of your vacation will be gone. However, the best part of having a destination wedding is that you’re already halfway to your honeymoon! Most couples also find that the time that they are in destination before they get wed, or their pre-moon, is also a very special time where they get to reconnect with each other and with family and friends that have travelled down to share their special day.

Many couples opt to spend a week of celebrations with their family and friends then transfer to another resort after the ceremony for some alone time. A change of scenery at a romantic adults only property will allow you to relax as newlyweds and reminisce about your big day.

Myth #5: Destination weddings are too much work and stress

Reality: Planning a destination wedding is a tropical breeze

One of the best parts of having a destination wedding is the minimal stress that goes into planning your big day. Your Wedding Vacations by Sunwing planner and on-site wedding coordinator will help take care of all the details, so you won’t have nearly as many big decisions to make as you would with a local wedding. 

The destination wedding process is so stress free that on the days leading up to your wedding you’ll get to enjoy a margarita on the beach instead of stressing about place settings – now how many brides that choose to get married at home can say that? Destination wedding planning really is a tropical breeze, so let the experts know what you want then sit back and relax.

By Sunwing Weddings| January 11, 2018

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