Bridal Beauty: Wedding Day-Worthy Lips

By Today's Bride on February 27, 2017

Wrap sticky tape around your finger and tap your lips to remove any dry skin.

If you look your best with a brilliant colour lipstick, go for it. Skip the ‘bridal pink’.

Dark matte shades make lips look thinner. Pale, glossy shades make lips look fuller.

Rub a little Vaseline on your teeth so the colour won’t rub off.

Use a little concealer around your lips so  ne lies disappear and give you a good base.

Use a pencil lip liner for a crisp outline but soften the outline with a cotton swab.

Use a liner a touch outside your natural lip line and blend if you have thin lips.

Consider using a liquid 24-hour lip colour on your wedding day. There’s going to be a lot of lip locking!

Drink with a straw to eliminate loss of colour or leaving colour on a glass.

5 Important Ways to View Lip Colour

When you see a woman with bright red lips, what is your own reaction? Colour experts say it reflects confidence. That’s a strong message to send to the world!

Experiment with colour. Have at least four colour shades in your lipstick wardrobe.

Your choices can depend on several factors. If you are wearing red, tip your lip colour in that direction.

Be aware of your skin tones. Experiment with colour that works with the colour of your skin.

Hair colour can also be a factor. Rich red is a great choice for brunettes.

Originally published in Today's Bride Magazine, Spring/Summer 2017.

By Today's Bride| February 27, 2017
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