7 Tips to throwing a DIY favour party

By Amanda Bloye on January 08, 2013
Between Etsy and Pinterest, brides are taking matters into their own hands and becoming DIY machines. However, for bridesmaids everywhere, this means hours of assembly.

We’ve put together a list of our seven DIY wedding favour party tips to ensure you and your team of lovely ladies remain friends after the last ribbon has been tied.

  1. Ask for help well ahead of time. If you leave the DIY favours until the last minute, not only will you be stressed, but you can’t guarantee that your helpers will be able to attend.

  2. Decide ahead of time how you would like to plan the evening. Will everyone be individually putting the favour together or will they work together as an assembly line?

  3. Set up workstations for each assistant. Ensure all the essential tools are on hand, such as scissors, glitter, glue, Popsicle sticks, are available so your DIY party doesn’t get stalled.

  4. Include an instruction sheet at each workstation. Be sure to include an example or image of how it should look at each step.

  5. Experiment by making one or two favours ahead of time. Have an idea of how long it takes and where mistakes might be made, so everyone has an idea of what the finished product looks like.

  6. Be patient if everything isn’t perfect. Stay calm and have enough items on hand to allow for a few mistakes. No one likes a spazzy bridal dictator.

  7. Have the wine (or the group’s cocktail of choice) chilled and ready and order take-out food. Use the evening to bond together as you reminisce and giggle about shenanigans from your single days.

By Amanda Bloye| January 08, 2013
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