6 tips to remember when shopping for bridesmaid dresses

By Rosalind Stefanac on August 13, 2018

As the bride-to-be, your wedding dress should play a starring role in your big day – but your bridesmaids should look pretty darn good, too. Before you decide on the perfect outfit for your wedding crew, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Comfort Is Key

Not only will your bridesmaids be supporting you emotionally, they’ll be actively helping you throughout your wedding day. Outfits that are too tight, short, long, loud or generally unflattering will keep your bridesmaids seeking cover instead of cutting a rug on the dance floor. Help them keep their stamina for all the day’s festivities by picking outfits that are suitable for picture posing and chicken dances – that includes comfy footwear too.

Consider Material VS Weather

Satin is pretty, but it won’t bode well on a hot summer’s day. Opt for materials that are breathable in the warmer weather and warmer fabrics (or coverups) in colder temperatures so you can take advantage of outdoor photo ops.

Stay On Budget

If you’re not paying for the outfits yourself, remember that your bridesmaids may not have the luxury of spending big bucks on your ultimate choice. Settle on a price that everyone can handle and don’t forget to factor in alteration costs.

Forget The Entourage

It may sound like a party, but taking your entire bridal group to pick dresses can be a logistical nightmare. Do the initial scoping with a trusted friend or family member and then provide your bridesmaids with some potential options to weigh in on. Have them set dress fittings individually so they can manage their own schedules. Remember that not everyone has the confidence to strut about in the change room. Don’t put your maids on the spot.

Make It Inclusive

If you’re adding any bridesmen to your bridal party, remember to coordinate tie or shirt colours, socks or other accessories to match the rest of the crew.

Make Room for Personal Style

Consider picking a specific colour/fabric and then allowing your bridesmaids to choose styles to suit their body types. If you’re a stickler for uniformity, give them some leeway on the accessories and footwear.

Originally published in Today's Bride magazine, Fall/Winter 2018.

By Rosalind Stefanac| August 13, 2018
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