5 wedding planning lessons from the movies

By Amy Bielby on June 12, 2017

If film has taught us anything, it's what not to do at our wedding.

Sex And The City: Carrie begins planning a small wedding and then invites half of NYC. Big gets cold feet and ditches her at the altar. What we learned: Planning a wedding is a team effort. Include your partner’s ideas and consider his or her feelings or you could end up jilted. Bonus lesson: Don’t wear a bird in your hair. Please.

The Hangover: A bachelor party in Vegas is the ultimate send-o for the groom – if you don’t get so wasted that you end up losing the groom, which is what three men did in this film. What we learned: Don’t plan a bachelor or bachelorette party just days before the wedding. Give yourself a good two weeks’ recovery time.

My Best Friend's Wedding: Kimmy asks Julianne, the groom’s best friend, to be her maid of honour about two minutes after she meets her. Julianne tries to steal the groom. What we learned: Consider your wedding party carefully. Family and old friends are your best bet. Acquaintances won’t say no, but may resent the whole process. Don’t worry about “filling your side”. If your partner has more attendants, so be it!

Father Of The Bride: Sure, wedding planners Frank and Hank provided humour, but they did get a little out of control. What we learned: Don’t let your wedding planner take over. Stick to your own style and budget.

Runaway Bride: A church wedding, saying I do on a trampoline, vows on a horse? This skittish bride had no idea what she really wanted from her wedding and ditched all the grooms at the altar. What we learned: Be true to who you are. Don’t be swayed by trends or outside influences. This is your day; plan it your way.

Originally published in Today's Bride Magazine, Spring/Summer 2017.

By Amy Bielby| June 12, 2017
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